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    UFW-12/15 Subs Upgraded from MCCA


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    UFW-12/15 Subs Upgraded from MCCA

    Post  sandbagger on October 8th 2010, 7:10 am

    Complete Turn Key Products Based on the cabinets built by Sound Art China for AV123 years ago.

    UFW-12 Small Block and UFW-15 Big Block COMPLETE SUBS!!!! Same as the upgrade kits but as complete subs with GRILLS ready to ship.
    LIMITED QUANTITY in Piano Black, Piano Birds Eye Maple, Madagascar Ebony and Rosewood

    These also come with a 1yr warranty on the amp and 3yr warranty for the 15" driver

    UFW-12 Small Block ($650) I have a custom 1000W amp to better work with the original driver, this amp is the OEM version of the original amp. Limiter is fix to provide much more output while being unobtrusive, plays much deeper that the original(+/-3db 24-140hz) with a slow roll off below that point. In room response should be down into the low to mid teens.

    UFW-15 Big Block (4-5wks)($750) This is a custom15" driver and modified 1000W Amp. Similar to the 12" but digs a bit deeper(+/- 21-140hz) and in room response down into the teens with greater output than the 12"

    Prices vary due to various cabinet conditions but all are real nice. Contact me for finish availability and condition. Also the 15" version has a 4-5 week lead time due to driver availability.

    I would add pictures but for some reason I cant. PM me for details and picturs

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